Looking to host your podcast?  or want to record, edit and share your podcast on one of the best platform but don’t know where to start with? Well, there’s so much effort into creating a podcast.

You have to think of an idea then record and share and doing this takes much time but choosing the right podcasting platform will make your life easier and that’s where comes into your life and it will take your show into new level of heights.

This platform gives us an on-site player for an improved listening experience and it comes with Analytics page to provide a variety of high-level stats. The major thing I liked about is that it will show your podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify so that your podcasts can be listened by your loved listeners.

So in this article, I will be reviewing We will cover everything you need to know about this advanced podcast hosting platform including features, pricing and many other benefits. Read this article and make a decision to see if this platform is right choose to start and host your podcast.

What is

what is

Transistor provides podcast hosting and analytics for thousands of organizations, brands, and creative around the world. It guides you through the confusing podcast landscape to know this platform better

Launched in 218, by John Buda and Justin Jackson this platform is relatively new as compared to other podcast hosting platforms.

In this modern world, this podcast platform hosts over 9,000 shows spanning in every genre. The users of this platform found it useful for storing episodes, accessing advanced analytics uploading to Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc

Features of

There are many features in that will blow your mind and it will make you grab your attention. This podcasting platform is host and designed to help you build and grow your audience. So let us have a look at some of its best features:

Host Multiple Podcasts on the Same Account features

This podcast hosting allows you to host your unlimited shows on the same account at a monthly price. You can create multiple podcasts under the same account without any hassle.

You don’t have to think about creating and managing multiple accounts as long as you stay under their download limit.

The main benefit is that you won’t be charged a single penny for adding multiple shows under the same account. Making more and more shows will be your best way to increase the number of listeners every month.

You can also choose the podcast theme (format) that suits best for you and for different type of listeners in this platform.

Invite Multiple Collaborators

When it comes to Collaborations, is best for collaborating. This website helps you add members like Owner, Admins, and Members to edit your podcast episodes, view your analytics, and do many more.

You can have multiple members on each podcast you host. This means you can invite additional members to collaborate with your show. With this you can create multiple podcasts and invite many individual users on each show.

Advanced Analytics for your Podcast

transistor.fmfeatures 2

All those users who are on are accessible to view its Advanced Analytics. With this Advanced Analytics you can see your data across different Podcast sites like Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify etc.

These analytics will help you to know your audience in a better and more understandable way. This feature provides a variety of high-level stats which includes:

  1. Average download per episode – This shows which episodes are performing better than others.
  2. Subscriber count – Always be in the know of when you are getting new subscribers and how many total subscribers that you have.
  3. Listener trends – You can see your download history over time. This allows you to view the number of listens by year, month, day, or in the last 24 hours.

A Built-in Website for your Podcast features 3

If you don’t’ have a website to store all your favorite podcasts then don’t worry will help you to make your website. This platform provides a built-in website for your podcast.

It has a simple and unique interface which will help you to design your website and analytics of your choice. With their user-friendly player your show will appear, letting you to put your podcast in front of your people.

Distribute your Show to Major Podcast Players features 4

Many users love to listen other podcast shows on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and many more. Well you can also promote your show so that these people can listen to your podcast

With you can easily submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other major podcast players. After submission, your new episodes will automatically be distributed to all the major platforms (including podcast search engines).

Customer Support

This podcasting platform stands out as one of the best podcasting hosting platforms because of its outstanding customer support. You can also contact a representative for personalized support for your podcast.

No Automatic Shut-Downs

There is a download limit in each Transistor plan. If you go continuously go over their limit, then the podcast hosting service will contact you about your upgrade. The company will not shut-down your account or remove your podcast.

You will still have an access to your podcast analytics, podcast episodes and your podcast will appear on all the major podcasting platforms including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and many more. pricing

Talking about unlike other Podcasting Platforms does not provides free plan to its users instead you have to pay a monthly to access to the podcast hosting site. The best thing about this pricing is that it is affordable to all the users and you don’t have to pay a massive amount in this platform

There are 3 different plans this platform offers to its users:

  1. Starter – $19 (Per month) and $190 (annually)
  2. Professional – $49 (Per month) and $490 (annually)
  3. Business – $19 (Per month) and $990 (annually)

You will get extra two months free if you are paying on annual basis. You can choose from the Starter, Professional, or Business Plan each one will help you to:

  1. Create unlimited podcasts
  2. View advanced analytics
  3. Access customer support
  4. Store and upload episodes to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, etc.

In this platform you will get access to unlimited podcasts, advanced analytics, and other essential and unique features no matter what plan you are purchasing your podcast. The major difference between the Transistor plans includes:

  1. Download Limits on Monthly basis
  2. Ability to remove branding from the players
  3. Number of additional users you can have per podcast
  4. Number of private and public podcasters you can have

For more details you can check out their website and view all the features which every plan offers to its users. Viewing all the plans will help you to choose wisely and make a decision to choose which plan suits best for you.

However, if you are not sure about it is better for you or not, then you can try for a 14 days free trial period.

This trial period will give you plenty of times to test its unique features, view its analytics and compare Transistor to other podcast platforms.

PRO’S and CON’S of Using

While choosing any platform you have to view its PRO’s and CON’s and then make a decision so that you won’t regret it ahead. To make your understanding clear I have listed several PRO’S and CON’S so that you can have a clear mind when choosing this platform.


  1. 14-days free trial
  2. Easy to use even for a beginner
  3. Best for customer support
  4. Low Cost Software
  5. It comes with great features list
  6. Friendly customer service
  7. The price is reasonable as compared to other podcast hosting platforms
  8. Best for complete solution
  9. Beautiful and unique podcast sites
  10. Fast and helpful support


  1. Comes with no free plan
  2. Relatively new as compared to others Podcast Affiliate Program Affiliate Program

With Podcast Affiliate Program you can earn 25% commission every month for your podcast and customer you refer to Transistor.

By signing up to Affiliate Program you will get a unique referral link through which you share it to your friends and family or on your blog, podcast, Twitter, or to your email newsletter list and if any one ends up subscribing through your link then you will earn 25% amount commission every month.


2. What is needed to start a podcast?

  1. Hosting – You would need a web web server to host MP3 files.
  2. Content – You need episode ideas and you need way to create new episodes, and add show notes.
  3. Publishing – A way to publish new episodes, and update the podcast’s RSS feed,
  4. Marketing – You would want to learn how to market and monitize your podcast
2. What is is a podcast hosting platform where you can record your audio and upload it easily. Also they will help you to distribute your podcast to apple podcasts, spotify and google podcasts.

3. How much is

Well there are three different plans this platform offers:

  1. Starter – $19 (Per month) and $190 (annually)
  2. Professional – $49 (Per month) and $490 (annually)
  3. Business – $19 (Per month) and $990 (annually)

4. Is a reccomennded Podcast Hpst?u?

Yes, is one of the best podcast hosting platforms with excellent number of  features and affordable pricing plans. Podcast Review SummaryContent Review.

Transistor has a pretty and simple interface and it is the best and perfect Podcasting Platform for people like you. It hosts your podcasts episodes and uploads them to Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other top podcast sites.

You will even get access to their advanced analytics to use and improve your show. Also their plans are very comprehensive and affordable to all the users who are looking to start a podcast

In the end all I want to say this podcast hosting platform is great even for beginners as well for amateurs. So don’t think and waste your time selecting which Podcast Platform is best instead try and it will make and change your podcast life easier without any hassle.

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