Uploading your podcast episodes is not an easy task, well there are many podcasters who find an easy way to upload their podcast videos but end up in somewhere else

Well, if you are one of those podcasters then don’t look for somewhere else because here I will be showing you a great podcast hosting platform to create and upload their videos to hosting on top podcast sites named as

I know it sounds a bit boring to you, but I am damn sure these podcast hosting platform will blow your mind. It is packed with unique and essential features along with their affordable pricing plans which makes them familiar with the podcasting world with their solid and wonderful website interface

So here, I will be reviewing brought to you by rebel base media along with its features, pricing plans, pros and cons to many more. I will be going through everything you need so that you can decide and understand this platform better.

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What is

captivate-logo is the world’s only growth-oriented podcast hosting platform. Launched in January 2019 with everything you will expect from a podcast host to provide.

It comes with a suite of intelligence tools that allows you to measure you and your podcasting brand on your essential road of becoming the audio influencer in your niche

This platform is built for independence podcast creators from day one to help to focus on their audience growth and the expansion of their audio influence. They have an amazing team from editor to publisher to focus on the perfect workflow of your show

Features of features

With these features of you can unlock unlimited podcast and unlimited potential of creating your podcast. These features are ready, set and grow your podcast and reach to your listeners

1. Advanced Analytics

With this platform, you will get the advanced analytics in-depth format. You will be able to get all the access to insights of your show including your listeners, average running time,  average listeners per day, month and many more other insights to unlock this advanced analytics feature

2. Stunning Podcast Player

This stunning podcast player will help your podcast, brand, and your platform to look amazing on any device and platform. Also, you can customize your own podcast player with their auto-configured based on your podcast covert art and infinitely changeable to perfectly represent your podcast brand

3. Unlimited Team Members

You can create your podcast with an unlimited amount of members by creating your team. So that you can showcase your podcast team and make your workflow simple. Highlight your amazing team from your editor to publisher to focus on the perfect workflow of your show

4. Unlimited Podcasts

With your creativity, you can create unlimited podcasts as well as RSS feeds at a single and affordable price offered by Well, this is unique as it will help you to focus on your audience more closely and to grow your podcast easily

5. Calls to Action Built-In

Their built-in call to action features makes it easier for all the podcasters to promote their podcast. You can generate the maximum amount of leads or build your email list with their in-built podcast player call to action. Also, you can link it directly from your podcast player and the rest will be covered by them

6. Analytics, Everywhere

Their interactive podcasting dashboard and device friendly dashboard will help you to access and manage your show anywhere and anytime without any hassle. Also, you don’t have to worry about your access as this dashboard will make your work even simpler

7. Import your Show for Free

Comes with a quick import tool by you can import your show to Buzzsprout, Blubrry, Libsyn, Whoshkaa and many more easily for free.

8. Automatic Podcast Website has an automated podcast website. With this, you can customize your multi-device podcast website with donation support and many more

9. Thoughtful Podcast Marketing

Through their thoughtful podcast marketing, you can create auto-generated links to Overcast, Pocket Casts and more to make your listener subscribe to your podcast easily

10. Industry Leading Personal Support

Captivate has 24/7 personal support during the week and dedicated weekend hours. They are known for their personal and timely support that they provide to its users and always be there for you so that you don’t have to be silly anywhere.

11. Simple and easy to use

It is very simple and easy to use due to this it has been tested and planned by the podcasters to make it easy to use without any hesitation. You will not feel any frustration with your podcast interface any more Captivate offers the best to its users. Pricing pricing

The Pricing Plan of this platform is very affordable for all the users. You don’t have to scratch your head to look for various options its pricing plans are very simple. Captivate has 3 pricing plans option

  1. Audio Influencer – $49 (per month) and $44 (yearly)
  2. Podcaster – $19 (per month) and $17 (yearly)
  3. Podcast Brand – $99 (per month) and $90 (yearly)

No matter what plan you choose you will get access to:

  1. A visually appealing and easy-to-use podcast player on all devices
  2. Built-in CTAs on your podcast player
  3. Unlimited podcasts and RSS feeds
  4. Free imports for shows
  5. Advanced and in-depth analytics for your podcast
  6. Thoughtful podcast marketing
  7. Unlimited team members

They don’t restrict analysis, a number of shows, upload time or other features, unlike other podcast hosting platforms. All these 3 plans include features to grow your podcast and reach to your audience. The only difference between all these 3 plans is their download limit.

  1. Audio Influencer offers 60,000 downloads per month
  2. Podcaster offers 12,000 downloads per month
  3. Podcaster brand offers 150,000 downloads per month

Well, you can choose any of the above-given plans all are great as it is offered by Also if you are looking to try these platform then you can also start your 7-day free trial by signing up on this platform

Once you have signed up you can access all the features and you can try it one by one by taking your time. You can select any plan you wish to all plans comes with a 7 days free trial and if you are still not sure about this then you can chat with their personalized customer support to know better about this platform

Try your Perfect Plan for 7 Days

PRO’S and CON’s of using


1. Unique Looking Player:

With this superb looking player you can choose whether you want to view one episode only or your collection of shows. It also comes with a call to action built-in feature and a lot of other features to choose from

2. No changes made to media files:

Your changes will not be made once you record your podcast and upload it, then it will be heard by users.

3. Easy and Simple to Use

Captivate has a simple and understandable interface which makes all the podcast users and those who really understand users experience and intuitive features easy to use.

4. Gives you Maximum Exposure

You can include all your links to all the major podcast directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, automatically so that all your listeners can listen to your amazing podcast and subscribe to it.

5. WordPress Plugin

This WordPress plugin by lets you publish all your episodes just like you publish posts in the WordPress Dashboard

6. Private Podcast on Entry Level Plan

This is a great way to monetize all your premium content, sell a membership or just release bonus of episodes for a number of listeners. You get 150 invites on Podcaster, 500 on Audio Influencer and 1000 on Podcast Brand.


1. Little Bit Pricier than other Competitors

The pricing of this platform is affordable but yet a challenging situation for newbies who want to start. It can overwhelm for them to pay 19$ a month to host a show Privacy Policy privacy policy

Captivate is fully committed to protecting the user’s policy. It has a feature called “Full Transparency Mode”. When you enabled this feature it will inform the listener of any third-party tools that are being used in your show. Affiliate Program affiliate program

This Affiliate Program of Captivate offers a growth-oriented podcast, hosting analytics, and various other tools to people who need to host a podcast.

This Affiliate Program is for all the podcasters. For every refer, this podcast hosting platform will give you a monthly recurring payout.

It is so easy and simple all you to do is sign up to this program and generate a unique referral link, after getting share it to your friends and family who are looking to use these tools for their podcast.

Once they liked it and ends up subscribing, you will get a monthly recurring payout from This is a great and amazing way to bring in some extra revenue and help you meet the goals that you’ve put in place for your growth-oriented podcast.


1. Which plan ideal for users?

Well, there are 3 different plans and all plan comes with the best solutions for your level of podcasting. So from these three plans, they suggest

  1. Podcaster – This plan is suitable for all the podcasters and it is great to plan with a starting point to grow your show
  2. Audio Influencer – This plan is ideal for podcasters who want a large audience and want to do all the work from production, editing to promotion
  3. Podcast Brand – This plan is perfect for agencies or professionals who manage podcasts on behalf of their clients

2.Why do they offer a 7-day trial?

Well, they want to make it simple as possible to start (or continue) a podcast. That’s why they offer a 7-day free trial period through their dashboard which is super clean and easy to understand from uploading to publishing and distributing to more.

3. From which platform do you analytics from?

They pull out the analytics from all the main platforms that provide analytic reporting. This includes Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Podcast Addict.

You can also log in to your Podcast dashboard for Apple Podcasts and Spotify for Podcasters dashboard to access extra analytics like audience gather and demographic

4. What information do I need for my account?

You will have to provide your name and best email address (for any kind of account issues you need to contact support for) as well as a strong account password and billing details for your plan

5. How can I monetize your podcast?

Well, you can monetize your podcast in several ways, including:

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Online courses
  3. Consulting/coaching
  4. Premium content
  5. Sponsorship
  6. Advertising
  7. and many, many more! Review Summary

Captivate is still a new podcasting platform in the market but they have already grabbed so much attention from the users which is enough to make them one of the best hosting provider options in the market

Even if you are new to podcasting, this platform is well-designed and makes it everything simple and easier for the user. The most favourite thing I like about this platform is that it provides two-way integration with your existing WordPress website via the simple Captivative Sync plugin.

There is a great option for building teams and option to create multiple podcasts which is an attractive feature in this platform.

So whether you are looking to start a new podcast or want a more user-friendly interface for your podcast then Captivate is just the right choice for you. This Rebel Based Media podcast hosting platform is amazing for novice and seasoned podcasters alike.

Though it may sound little pricy for newbies who are starting out on the podcast. Also, the features of this platform offers are great and the cost will fit into your wallet easily.

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