A Therapist Explains Why the Way We Work is Broken (Ep. 21)

A Therapist Explains Why the Way We Work is Broken (Ep. 21)

The modern workplace can be stressful–to say the least. Most of us work out of necessity, and yet we also have unique motivations that fuel our creativity. What inspires us not just to work but to do our very best? Is there a right or wrong approach to work? What drives highly ambitious or ultra competitive people? To help answer these questions, I’m joined by Eugene Chang and licensed therapist Tim Long. Tim helps us interpret our different approaches to work through the lens of a professional counselor, and sheds light on the hidden forces at play (no pun intended) in how we approach our careers.

Many thanks to Tim and Eugene!!!

Tim’s practice can be found here:
Kainos Christian Therapy
329 N. Wetherly Drive, Suite 206
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Office (310) 203-1510

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