Nancy Wang Yuen is the Real Deal (Ep. 15)

Reel Inequality book

What Just Happened? – Nancy Wang Yuen is the Real Deal (Ep. 15)

If Angry Asian Man had become a professor rather than a blogger, his career might have looked a lot like Dr. Nancy Wang Yuen’s. Nancy spent years having candid conversations with actors, directors, talent agents and others in the industry. Her research led to her book, “Reel Inequality: Hollywood Actors and Racism.” In our wide ranging conversation, she shares her insights about Hollywood, race, structural inequality, and overcoming stereotypes. We also talk Oscars, the first movie Nancy watched (think Cher), and as a self-identified “pop culture geek,” her geekiest pop culture interest.

Thank you Nancy for your entertaining book and discussion!

Nancy’s website and book.

Also, I need to make an important clarification. At one point in our conversation, I brought up the completely hypothetical question of what would happen if an Arab American tried out for the part of Captain America in the Marvel movies. (Spoiler alert: He wouldn’t get it.) Moments later, Nancy mentioned the American born Sikh who made news dressing up as Captain America for cosplay. That’s when I foolishly blurted out, “That’s who I was thinking.” I’m not sure what I was thinking but Vishavjit Singh, the man who dresses up as Sikh Captain America is NOT Arab nor from any part of the Middle East. He is the son of South Asian immigrants. Sikhs are also not Muslims. Just wanted to make that clear.

Thanks for listening!

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