Post-Tiger Parenting in the Age of President Trump (Ep. 8)


WHAT JUST HAPPENED? – Episode 8: WJH UNSCRIPTED: Post-Tiger Parenting in the Age of President Trump

When I first started podcasting, I had initially envisioned a debate and discussion type format with regular contributors, along the lines of Slate’s Political Gabfest. That idea eventually evolved into the “storytelling” format I use for regular episodes. But I finally had the opportunity to try the gabfest format after my friends Jennifer Lee Koh and Grace Ong agreed to join me for a conversation I’m calling “Post-Tiger Parenting in the Age of President Trump.” This was a really fun and interesting discussion and I hope you enjoy it. Thank you so much to Grace and Jennifer for playing along! 🙂

There will be more content coming to the podcast in the forthcoming weeks, including a full more “traditional” episode as well as my interview with an inspirational speaker.

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