The Death of Elisa Lam – now in Mandarin! (feat. Grace Ong)

Elisa Lam

What Just Happened? – Episode 6: The Death of Elisa Lam – now in Mandarin! (feat. Grace Ong)

After a loooong hiatus, new content is coming to the podcast soon. In the meantime, my friend, the amazingly talented Grace Ong, has produced a very special edition of Episode 6: The Death of Elisa Lam translated completely into Mandarin.

When Grace first approached me with this idea, I honestly wasn’t sure it would be possible. I certainly couldn’t contribute, since I can’t read Chinese or speak Mandarin. But through incredible persistence and effort (and possibly some help from the supermoon!) this busy mother of two managed to find time to translate the entire transcript of the episode, record the narration in Mandarin in her own voice, and edit the content into a finished product. Grace is clearly a person who needs her own podcast! 🙂

Grace told me she was motivated to do this project in order to spread word about Elisa’s story to a wider Mandarin speaking audience, particularly given the wild rumors and speculation about Elisa Lam’s death that were just as rampant in China as they were in the U.S. If you happen to know anyone who’s primary speaking language is Mandarin, please consider recommending this episode to them.

And thank you Grace for putting this episode together!

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