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Tanis is a podcast that demands your full attention. It’s a mystery that asks you to focus and listen at all times. Let your mind wander for just a minute, and you may miss a vital clue. Skip an entire episode, and you could be lost at sea. And yet, with Tanis, your time and attention are richly rewarded. Tanis will take you to a world of wonder, beauty, horror, and mystery. To me, Tanis is one of those podcasts by which others should be measured. It’s really that good. And while the final destination is unknown, the journey is very much worth taking.

What is the Tanis podcast?

Tanis is a fictional, serialized podcast that tells the story of the search for “Tanis.” The main protagonist and narrator—our guide through this journey—is a man named Nic Silver. The podcast is produced by Nic Silver, Terry Miles, and Paul Bae. The podcast is sometimes co-hosted by a woman named Alex Regan.
So what exactly is “Tanis”?

This is the central mystery of the podcast. Tanis appears to be some sort of presence or entity that is not of this Earth, that manifests itself in different ways. Sometimes, Tanis appears as an actual, physical being, such as a goddess or a cabin in the woods. In other times, Tanis is more like a rift or breach in the space-time dimension. Tanis moves throughout the Earth approximately once every four hundred years. Currently, Tanis resides somewhere in the Pacific Northwest region of North America.

People who encounter Tanis experience it profound ways. For some people, Tanis can have enormous healing powers and extend life. But for many others, Tanis can lead to extreme violence and quite often suicide. Tanis also impacts your memory. In the presence of Tanis, you experience something called “the blur.” Also, time moves differently once you are in Tanis. Several months in the outside world can feel like just several hours on the inside.

According to Nic, Tanis has been incorporated into many legends and myths. Tanis has evidently been among human beings since the beginning of humanity.


The Story So Far

Season One focused largely on Nic Silver’s journey in discovering Tanis. He first encounters Tanis through a short story called “What is Tanis?” that was published in a magazine called Strange Worlds. Nic follows a trail of clues and eventually learns about a novel called “Pacifica” which also was said to describe Tanis. Nic has not seen or read Pacifica, and in fact no one he meets has a copy of the book, not even the author of the novel who is eventually revealed to be a woman named Morgan Miller.

Nic has an invaluable partner who helps with his research, a woman named MeerKatnip, MeerKat or simply MK an expert in hacking and the underground internet or “deep web.” MK and Nic discover a highly secretive company called TeslaNova Corporation that has been searching for Tanis for decades, possibly longer. TeslaNova, through its subsidiary Parzavala Communications, has also been operating a program of “Runners,” who are expert guides that can lead “Seekers” to find Tanis.

The journey to Tanis is called “the Way.” The Way requires “the Map.” However, the Map is actually not a map but a group of 4 people – 1 Runner and 3 Seekers. Collectively, such a gathering of people can find Tanis.

At the start of the season, Nic discovers that a woman named Tara Reynolds was reported missing somewhere in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. Before she disappeared, she sent an audio recording to her brother Sam Reynolds indicating she was lost inside a Cabin that was much, much larger on the inside than it looked on the outside. Both Tara and the Cabin disappeared without a trace. Tara was a research scientist at TeslaNova, and the Cabin she was lost in is believed to be a manifestation of Tanis itself. In attempting to find Tara, Sam Reynolds gets mixed up with the so-called Cult of Tanis, a group of people who worship Tanis as a deity. The Cult of Tanis manage to hypnotize Sam in such a way that causes him to repeat a Tanis chant over and over again.

The only way Sam can be cured is by encountering Tanis itself. A woman named Veronica Pillman—another former TeslaNova employee—offers to take Sam, Nic, and Morgan Miller to Tanis to try to help Sam. Thus the four of them become a Map. Veronica is the Runner, and Sam, Nic, and Morgan are the three Seekers. All of them are given nicknames. Veronica is the Runner, Sam is the Zealot, Morgan is the Novelist, and Sam is the Witness.

The season ends with the four of them successfully finding and encountering Tanis, in the form of the Cabin. Along the way they are also able to find Tara Reynolds, who had been trapped inside a room in the Cabin. Meanwhile, Nic’s co-host Alex Regan reported him missing to the police. The police, Alex, as well as employees of TeslaNova and possibly other as-yet unidentified agencies comb the woods in search of Nic and the others. Eventually, they find all of the missing people as well as the Cabin itself. Tara Reynolds is escorted by the police out of the Cabin. She is reportedly covered in blood. The conditions of Nic, Sam, and the others are currently unknown.

Following the re-discovery of the Cabin, TeslaNova employees as well as other unknown agents, quickly close off the area from the public. It’s presumed that research into the Cabin will continue. Nic, meanwhile, can’t remember anything that happened after he found Tara Reynolds inside the Cabin. He decides to hire a therapist and undergo hypnosis in an attempt to unlock the memories of what happened to him and what he saw inside Tanis.

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